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Manage Risk and Achieve Compliance With Stronger Corporate Governance

Strong corporate governance promotes effective risk management. And strong risk management is the key to solid compliance. Although achieving world-class corporate governance may seem to be a complicated effort, it doesn’t have to be. A strong framework is the start. 

Crowe Horwath GRC has developed the Crowe Horwath Corporate Governance Framework™ to help organizations manage risks, identify gaps, and close these gaps for improved performance and stronger corporate governance. 

Crowe Horwath Corporate Governance Framework™ 

Crowe Horwath Corporate Governance Framework™ 

Crowe Horwath GRC views corporate governance as the systems and processes an organization has in place to protect and promote the interests of its diverse stakeholder groups. 

They help companies analyze their systems and processes and present the information in a governance scorecard, which includes the seven components of governance and the maturity of the governance process. This high-level analysis has proved meaningful to companies and boards of directors and helped them gauge governance strengths and identify areas for improvement. This methodology helps organizations: 

  • Identify current governance processes where business risks are not being mitigated effectively;  
  • Implement solutions to strengthen corporate governance;  
  • Retain talented employees, executives, and directors; and  

Reduce the cost of capital and enhance value to stakeholders.  



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