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Vendor Assistance and Due Diligence

It is not your day-to-day business to sell your company, so we assist by staying by your side throughout to ensure a seamless and organised transaction. Although we cannot ensure the success of your sale, we can ensure astute advice and a high level of service. 

Each transaction is different, but our Global Corporate Advisor professionals have the right skills and expert knowledge to handle every business situation. We provide customised teams of experts to assist you with all the essentials.

What can we bring to the process?

Global Corporate Advisors provides Vendor Assistance and Due Diligence including:

  • Vendor Initiated Due Diligence: For vendors, our due diligence reports on potential risks and weaknesses in your business. The report can also be provided to potential buyers for their information.
  • Reverse Due Diligence: We perform due diligence on a potential buyer to assess their financing and ability to pay the purchase price.
  • Pre Sale Review: We identify the critical topics, risk or issues before the sale process starts.
  • Preparation of Pro Forma Financial Statements: Our Statements provide greater confidence, reliability and feasibility, especially for carve-outs.
  • Review of Pro Forma Financial Statements: We check plausibility and identify potential adjustments.

Virtual Data Room Management: We organise and structure Data Rooms with modern and secure information platforms, often reducing the length of your due diligence.

Transaction structuring: When it comes to cross-border transactions, we improve the tax structure.

What’s involved?

We take you through each step of the due diligence process.

  • At the start we provide you with essential and valuable information regarding your business and your individual selling process.
  • We prepare you for the Q&A period.
  • We identify and resolve potential risks and bottlenecks early

Why Crowe Horwath?

Crowe Horwath Global Corporate Advisors has the experience and know-how to manage all types of cross-border transactions. Our people are highly-trained to a common quality standard. 

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