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Management Buy-Outs & Buy-Ins

If you have an opportunity to buy the business you manage, we will help you to achieve a successful buy-out with appropriate financial structures in place and at a price that delivers superior returns. 

An MBI is similar to an MBO except that the management team comes from outside the target business. Consequently it does not have the same comprehensive knowledge of the business as an MBO management team. A BIMBO is a combination of an MBI and MBO, where key people are added to the MBO team to complete or strengthen the team.

Very few managers have the opportunity to buy the businesses they manage, and those that do rarely have experience of an MBO. There are many complex issues to resolve to complete a successful MBO.

What can we bring to the MBO process?

Global Corporate Advisors have significant experience in those transactions and can help the team to grasp the opportunity without disrupting the business or adversely affecting its ongoing trading performance.

We can:

  • Give a preliminary view on the feasibility of the buy-out
  • Advise on the preparation of a business plan and financial modelling
  • Value the business
  • Negotiate with the vendor on your behalf
  • Advise on the optimal finance structure
  • Introduce you to appropriate sources of finance and negotiate on your behalf
  • Provide personal and corporate tax advice
  • Project manages the work of other professionals through to completion.

Why Crowe Horwath?

Crowe Horwath has regionally based teams with  extensive experience in these complex transactions. We provide management teams with pertinent advice and support throughout the buy-out process.

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