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Comment Letter Public consultation on non-binding guidelines on methodology for reporting non-financial information
Apr 16, 2016

Comment Letter Proposed Changes

The Directive 2014/95/EU on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and groups entered into force on 6 December 2014, after having been published in the EU Official Journal on 15 November 2014. The Directive 2014/95/EU amends Directive 2013/34/EU on the annual financial statements, consolidated statements and related reports of certain types of undertakings.
The Directive 2014/95/EU aims at improving the transparency of certain large EU companies as regards non-financial information, and focuses on relevant, useful information.
Following Article 1 of the Directive, the new disclosure requirements apply to large public-interest entities with more than 500 employees. The concept of public-interest entities is defined in Article 2 of Directive 2013/34/EU, and includes companies listed in EU markets, as well as some unlisted companies, such as credit institutions, insurance companies, and other companies that are so designated by Member States because of their activities, size or number of employees.
Article 1 of the Directive establishes that companies concerned shall include in the management report a non-financial statement containing information relating to, as a minimum:
  • Environmental matters
  • Social and employee matters Respect for human rights
  • Anti-corruption and bribery matters.