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IT Services

Compliance vs Convenience vs Business Intelligence
You decide which one’s the most valuable to you

Automating Business Processes:
With our varied and deep auditing expertise, we’re identifying more and more business and accounting processes that can be automated to save time, increase efficiencies and improve financial security.

Ease of use:
All our solutions are based on the Microsoft operating system making it compatible with almost every computer platform and very easy to use.

Custom-made solutions:
Companies operate in unique ways. Some may find it easier to have accounting software specially created to suit their needs. Software Solutions will fill that need expertly.

Off the shelf solutions:
Clients can license the use of our ready-made solutions.
We will install the software, and import/update all your data to run on it.
We will train your staff to operate it and provide on-going support.


Automated Fixed Asset Register Software [AFARS]

Maintaining your Fixed Asset Register is an exercise in drudgery. It’s a time consuming, complicated and expensive procedure, the hassle of which is in direct proportion to the number of assets on your register.

AFARS is a best of breed, high-level, life cycle fixed assets system suitable for organisations of any size, in any industry group.

AFARS does automatically what accountants and auditors take hours to accomplish:

  • Keeps track of opening costs
  • Accumulates depreciation
  • Calculates the income or loss from assets that have been sold
  • Takes into account new assets
  • Provides the book value of all fixed assets for accounting purposes
  • Provides management with an accurate snapshot of the company’s asset book value at any given time
  • Enables you to comply with the various statutory requirements (IFRS, etc)
  • Provides similar information required for tax purposes

Rental Smoothing Software

  • Calculates the smoothed lease or rental amount
  • Allows for changes in made in the contract or any adjustments required at year-end

IT Services - Accounting For Intelligence


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